Healing Arts Festival in New Orleans: Schedule

Our next festival will be on Saturday, November 13th, 2011.

Take a look at the schedule from our first New Orleans festival below!

Saturday, November 13th, 12 - 10 pm

Time Event Stage 1 With   Event Stage 2 With
 12:00 PM Healing Poetry  Dennis Jones   Sufi Dance Workshop  Mark Peterson
 12:30 Stress Management Ken Leavitt    African Dance Performance N'Fungola Sibo Dance Co. 
 1:00 Bitter or Better Comedy Marion S. Wilhelm   African Dance Workshop   Mikeall Hawkins
 1:30 Tai Chi/Qi Gong demonstration King Lam    Cajun Dance Workshop  Michele Jacobs
 2:00 Zero Point Energy Marylou Smith    Cajun Dancing Michauls House Band
 2:30 Alexander Technique  Lisa Lutton   Native Songs for all to sing  Michele Claiborne
 3:00 Holographic Chip Demo Terry    Israeli Dance Workshop  International Dance Group 
 3:30 EMF BalancingTechnique John Detilier, Jr    Russian Dance Workshop International Dance Group 
 4:00 Yoga  Workshop Wild Lotus    Irish Dancing Mcteggart Irish Dancers La
 4:30 Habits for Health Brandi Branan    Flamenco Dancing Micaela Paule
 5:00 The Second Brain Tabitha Bethune   Belly Dancing for Health Iona & The Beledi Jewels
 5:30 Brain Gym Demo Tanya Simmons     International Songs  Richard Bienvenu
 6:00 Life Line Introduction  Michele Jacob   Tango Dance Performance  Ector Gutierrez
 6:30 Chi Machine Demonstration  Joffrion Mitts   Tango Dance Workshop and Kerri McCaffety
 7:00 African Life Movements   Brotha T   Healing Drumming Workshop  Michele Claiborne
 7:30  Emotional Freedom Technique Rebecca Marina    Set up for Motown Band  
 8:00 - 10:00 PM Motown Party with the New Orleans Mystics! with Lee Barnes, Mike Baptiste, Billy Mimms & Jay Hall



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